Day 1


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Today is Gabriel's first official day on his new diet. We have a long way to go. There really isn't a whole lot to report today, as we're just getting started, but I hope that through our journey that we can help others. If others see the struggles that we've had, that are being fixed through something as simple as changing our diet, I hope that others may question theirs, and realize that there's still hope. Please be patient as I build this site, but I hope you'll stick around and accompany us on this journey, and watch my son grow into the boy I know he was meant to be. All I want for my son is to be healthy and happy, and right now, that means helping him find mental clarity. :)
Darlene Piche
6/19/2013 07:38:23

Wishing you and Gabriel all the best. Love and hugs.......Darlene in San Diego (a paleo person)


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