Cajun Seasoning

Cajun seasoning was something new to me a few years ago. It wasn't until my second husband that I discovered the joys of cooking with Cajun seasoning and creole seasoning. I have to say, I didn't really trust his judgement when it came to food, but I have to say, he was right on with this. I started using it in many things, from chicken, to steak, and sometimes even potatoes in one form or another. But like most things, when I went paleo, that was out due to little hidden ingredients such as silicon dioxide. You know, things that make you say, "What?!?!" So I played around a bit with some spices, and came up with a pretty good alternative. It's a little spicy, but what Cajun recipe isn't? That's the beauty of Cajun food after all, is it not? So enjoy this recipe, and get creative with what you cook. This is sure to spice up a bland recipe, and keep your eyes peeled for several recipes I will unveil using this very vital ingredient. Enjoy!

- 1.5 Tbls Celery salt
- 1 Tbls Celtic sea salt
- 1 Tbls Ground sage
- 1 Tbls Paprika
- 1 Tbls Cayenne pepper
- 1 Tbls Onion powder
- 1 Tbls Garlic powder
- 1/2 Tbls Ground black pepper
- 1/2 Tbls Ground white pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a glass jar or spice container. I just mix by shaking the jar until even. That's it! Add to recipes as specified by measurement, or to taste. Shake before each use to ensure everything's mixed up well. Store in a dry place, just as with all spices.